Carer Induction – Eddie’s Story


Our newly appointed company mascot Eddie recently attended our company induction. Eddie joined some of our new recruits taking part in Moving and Handling Training and going through the induction process.

Throughout the sessions Eddie and his new colleagues learnt about Care Relief Team’s family run ethos and values, they studied the important policies and procedures relating to their roles and they received lots of important information to take away including the Employee Handbook which is a vital resource provided to all employees. It ensures everyone has all the information at their fingertips about the role and our company.

Eddie also received his ID badge and uniform meaning he is ready to join the team out in the field. His next steps are to complete the shadowing stage of induction where he will spend time with experienced carers for as long as he feels necessary.

eddies story 4Another fundamental part of our induction process is learning how to move and handle clients safely. We provide this training in-house and everyone attends before they go out and meet our clients. Angela, our Training Manager spends a full day with new Carers giving them all the information they need and then showing them how each piece of equipment is used. We also encourage everyone in the training to have a go at being hoisted so that they can understand how this feels for their clients. The day not only centres around learning how to use equipment safely, it also ensures that carers learn about treating client with dignity, respect and being empathetic as needing to use equipment to move around can be an upsetting change for some individuals.

eddies story 2Eddie thoroughly enjoyed his induction, as did all the others in attendance. He commented later ‘I now feel fully able and excited to get out there and begin making a difference by providing dignified care and support to clients of Care Relief Team’. Well perhaps he didn’t actually say that himself but that’s the feedback we get from new carers after their induction.



eddies story 3If you would like to join us as a Carer and receive the training Eddie had plus lots of other courses, the Care Certificate and recognised qualifications including Diplomas please see the Recruitment section of our website of call us on 01246 261700.