Dementia Friends Champion


Care Relief Team is very proud of our Training Manager, Angela Thompson who recently became a Dementia Friends Champion. Angela delivers dementia training to all of our carers and has promoted Dementia Friends to them for a number of years. Now though, Angela can actually deliver Dementia Friends sessions and at the end all the attendees are signed up as Dementia Friend’s.


Here is what Angela had to say about the achievement:


‘Dementia is a subject I feel very passionate about, in September I completed training to be a Dementia Friends Champion. I am very enthusiastic about the programme and looking forward to running the information sessions for our team of carers and family and friends of people living well with dementia.’


Angela completed the training for these reasons; she is keen to spread the Dementia Friends message and to aid Care Relief Team in completing the actions we signed up and committed to in our Dementia Action Alliance action plan. We said that we would provide information to all our staff and sign each and every one of them up to Dementia Friends. We also committed to providing information sessions to our clients and their relatives. We’ve committed to these actions in order to promote a better understanding of Dementia in Derbyshire and to ensure our carers are knowledgeable in all aspects of dementia care for our clients.


We’ll now begin the process of Dementia Friends sessions for our employees, starting with our Care Coordinators at their next team meeting in November.


For any clients, relatives or friends who would like to attend one of our Dementia Friends events, please contact Angela to express your interest. Alternatively, our clients and their relatives on our mailing list will be sent out an invitation to an event in due course.


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