Dementia Action Alliance – May 2016


During 2016, Care Relief Team signed up and committed to the Dementia Action Alliance. We joined the national alliance and made a commitment to improving the lives of people with dementia. We also signed up to our local Chesterfield Alliance and we take part in their regular meetings where we assist in raising the profile and understanding of dementia across Chesterfield.

The Dementia Action Alliance aims to bring together organisations across England who are committed to transforming the lives of people with dementia and their carers.

We know that there are 850,000 people living with dementia in the UK. As a local home care provider with approximately 80% of our clients being older people we recognise and embrace that a high proportion of our clients either already have dementia or may have in the future. With this in mind we are keen to ensure that our services are suitable for our clients and their families/carers. We understand the challenges of providing care to someone with dementia and because of this we offer training to all our employees about Dementia and we promote the Dementia Friends initiative to all our front line care workers.

We’ve made a commitment to improving the lives of our clients and others across the areas that we provide care services. We have always strived to ensure that our care and support services meet the changing needs of our clients with dementia. We do this by completing the care planning process carefully and with the client at the heart of it. Throughout the assessment process the client and their relatives/carers needs are taken into account and a holistic care plan is prepared and actioned to provide the very best care to meet individual needs.

By joining the Dementia Action Alliance, we have also committed to the following actions too. We will:

1.Ensure that all our employees are ‘Dementia Friends’ – We will ensure that all of our employees from the office to front line workers attend a dementia friend’s session and become a dementia friend.

2.Raise awareness of dementia within the community

a) Our Training Manager will complete the ‘Dementia Friends Champion’ training and will roll out the delivery of Dementia Friends sessions to all employees (see 1).

b) The Training Manager will also provide at least twice a year a Dementia Friends session advertised to our clients and their relatives/carers to attend.

3.Continue to lobby locally and nationally for home care visit times to be increased for people with dementia – We will continue to lobby our local authority, national government and work in partnership with our local Dementia Action Alliance and Alzheimer’s Society to raise the profile of dementia care and the challenges faced by informal family carers and formal care providers such as ourselves. Such as the lack of understanding of dementia care, needs and the additional support needed for relatives and informal carers through the limited time allocated which causes unnecessary stress and distress to all

More information about the local and national alliances can be found using the following links:

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