CQC Inspection Result and Rating (The official verdict) – April 2016


The Care Quality Commission (CQC) regulate care services across England. It’s their job to register and inspect all services that provide care, making sure that they do this properly. When they inspect a company they are checking that the care services answer the following 5 questions. They also decide on how well the service is performing in relation to these questions by giving them a rating against each one.


The 5 key questions:

1.  Are they safe?

2. Are they effective?

3. Are they caring?

4. Are they responsive to people’s needs?

5. Are they well-led?


CQC inspected Care Relief Team on 8th March 2016. The inspector gave us a couple of days’ notice before he came to our office. Confident that we were providing good quality services we looked forward to his arrival.


On the day, the inspector spent time talking to all different levels of staff within our organisation, he took away details of clients (with their consent) who he was going to telephone at another time and he spent time reading and checking paperwork including care plans, staff files, recruitment documents and schedules amongst other things.


At the end of the day we received feedback that everything had gone well and the inspector appeared happy with what we do. However, we didn’t find out anything for definite as he still needed to speak to a selection of our clients and do some other research into our services.


After what seemed like a lifetime we received our result and rating. Care services can be rated as inadequate, requires improvement, good or outstanding.


Care Relief Team received an overall rating of GOOD, meaning that the inspector and his colleagues back at CQC headquarters felt we provided GOOD quality services to our clients and also valued and cared for our employees.


To reiterate, CQC said:

1. Are they safe? – Yes, rating Good

2. Are they effective? – Yes, rating Good

3. Are they caring? – Yes, rating Good

4. Are they responsive to people’s needs? – Yes, rating Good

5. Are they well-led? – Yes, rating Good


Overall rating: Good


We were over the moon with this result. We made sure all the team was thanked for their hard work and commitment to good quality care by providing cakes during the Team Meetings that took place in May.


We now aim to achieve a rating of ‘Outstanding’ at our next inspection, although this could be up to 2 years away.


Our inspection report can be found on the CQC website by clicking the link on our home page or clicking here: https://www.cqc.org.uk/location/1-123960167 below are some key quotes from the inspection report:


“Staff were appropriately recruited, trained and supported. They had all undergone a comprehensive induction programme and, where necessary, had received additional training specific to the needs of the people they were supporting.”


“Staff knew the people they were supporting and provided a personalised service and used effective systems for gaining consent. Individual care plans, based on a full assessment of need, were in place detailing how people wished to be supported. This helped ensure that personal care was provided in a structured and consistent manner. Risk assessments were also in place to effectively identify and manage potential risks.”


A client referring to her carers said: “They definitely keep us safe, they are magic.”


A client when asked about continuity of carers said: “we have a team of about five carers they alternate and cover for one another. It works very well.”


“Everyone we [the CQC] spoke to [clients] said that the care staff asked what support they wanted and respected the decisions they made about their care.”


“Staff recognised the importance of treating people as individuals, with dignity and respect.”


“We found a positive culture which was centred on the needs of people who used the service.”